Sunday, February 12, 2012

How this blog was born

Once upon a time there was a girl. Who met a boy. First came love. Then came marriage. And then two babies in a baby carriage.

This little family longed to find a house. Not just any house. A place that felt like home. The kind of place where you'd open the door, and sigh with relief to be there. With a kitchen that would smell like cinnamon and chocolate chips on rainy days. And a bed that is always warm and cozy. And a wee yard for the children to run in, where they'd get grass stains on their knees.

It wasn't an easy feat to find this house. But it finally happened, after almost two years.

And now, we're making this house into our own home. Thanks for coming here and following the journey.

"I remember skipping on the porch till it grew cold
I remember feeling like I was eight years old
Somersaults across the lawn
Singing, dancing up till dawn."

Billy Bragg, lyrics from "You woke up my neighbourhood"

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